We invite all alumni and friends of Albany State University, Fort Valley State University and Savannah State University to become players on our team as we position ourselves to fight for the preservation of these Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

This movement is about more than adding a few new buildings to our campuses. It’s about adding value to the lives of all students, especially African American students. It’s also about the preservation of African American families. These universities have always been a Bridge of Dreams that connects African Americans to a better life.

Help us take the first step down a new road for these Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Choose your position by making a financial contribution to this notable cause. Get in the Game!!

Click here to find out about our Players Lineup

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  1. Tamara Nelson says:

    The “Players Lineup” link on this page, does not work properly.

    • Webmaster says:

      Updates have been made to the plugin. If it still does not work properly, please contact us again to let us know what specifically is not working.

      Web Administrator

      • Izabella says:

        I’m so happy to see this. I’m originally from the Atlanta area but don’t have many saholcrly connections there.As a historian, one of my interests is how we can use digital methods for researching African-American and women’s history and helping people who already have training in those history subfields to learn more digital tools. I’d be happy to share how digital methods have helped me write about the and on African-American and Mexican-American midwives during the early 20th century. I’m located in the Boston area, so my ability to participate in person would depend on my budget.

  2. Lyn says:

    I’m the Asst. Director of the Writing Center at Emory U in Atlanta and hoping to be one of the oingarzers for the next THATCamp Southeast (if we can ever get our acts together and get a meeting arranged). We’ve talked about improving outreach to HBCU and other schools in the Atlanta area next time around, but I’d also be happy to help out with your planning in whatever ways I can.