Legal Issues

Georgia is home to three state supported HBCUs, Albany State, Fort Valley State University and Savannah State University. The alumni and supporters of these three universities are proceeding with consideration of a federal lawsuit to bring about curriculum reform, equity in funding, and operational structure modifications.

The Legal Defense Coalition has produced a position paper entitled:

Position Paper on Persistent Discriminatory Practices of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia Violative of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, As Amended

Legal Defense Coalition position paper

Click the image to download a PDF file of the position paper.

Without first-hand knowledge of the plight of the State HBCUs within the Board of Regents there is not adequate advocacy within the Board of Regents for cessation of discriminatory practices imposed upon the State HBCUs.

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  1. Jo Dawkins says:

    Please give me more information about Albany State because I attended school there and hold fond memories of my first college experience. Please give me more information because Albany as I remember held the standard very high even though I was a single student often in those classes.